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Hindu mythology has always given a lot of importance to weapons of Gods and Goddesses. These weapons have also been used to identify them easily. So while the trident is associated with Lord Shiva, Chakra is known as a weapon of Lord Vishnu.

Goddess Parvati is the wife of Lord Shiva and she has various weapons gifted to her by the Gods to destroy evil. The weapons include Sword (Khadga), Trident (Trishula), Thunderdisc (Chakra), Arrow (Tir), Javelin (Bharji), Club (Khitaka), Bow (Dhanush), Noose (Pasha), Goad (Ankush), Shield (Sipar) and Axe (Parashu). These weapons were given to Goddess Durga who is one of the forms of Goddess Parvati to destroy evil.

Gods and Goddess have always been known for their unique weapons. These weapons have special characteristics and there is a certain symbolism attached to them. Goddess Parvati has many forms and the most popular ones include Durga and Kali. Both these Goddess are always represented through the weapons that they hold in their hands.

The weapons are held in the ten arms of Goddess Parvati and are known to depict the various directions of the universe. Some people consider it to be a symbolic representation that the Goddess protects all those who turn to her in prayer from any direction.

All these weapons have special attributes and powers and these are used depending on the situation. These are symbols of fearlessness and are revered and worshipped by many due to their association with Goddess Parvati.

Each of these weapons has a certain significance attached to it.

  • Sword (Khadga) – The sword in the hands of Goddess Parvati symbolizes not just strength but also wisdom. It is the weapon that is also used to destroy ignorance.  The shine that is found on the sword is known to represent knowledge that is free from all illusions.
  • Bow (Dhanush) and Arrow (Tir) – These weapons represent energy and when both the bow and the arrow are held in one hand it is known to symbolize the twin aspects of energy. The Bow (Dhanush) was given to the Goddess by Vayu and Arrow (Tir) was gifted by Surya.
  • Thunderdisc (Chakra) – The chakra spins on the index finger of the Goddess. It spins on the finger without touching it and this is known to destroy all evil. The chakra is also known to represent life and death and was given to her by Lord Vishnu.
  • Goad (Ankush) – This weapon is known to represent the action and power of Goddess Parvati.
  • Trident (Trishula) – The trishul is known to symbolize three qualities. These include Satwa (inactivity), Rajas (activity) and Tamas (non-activity). Physical, mental and spiritual are the three miseries of life and the trident (trishula) is used to remove all these miseries by the Goddess.
  • Axe (Parashu) – This weapon is known to destroy ignorance and evil.
  • Lotus – Although many would not consider lotus as a weapon, it symbolizes success and its certainty. The flower does not fully bloom in the hands of the Goddess and this is known to represent spiritual evolution.

These weapons have been used by the Goddesses to destroy evil and kill demons. Different weapons are used for different purposes. There are many weapons that are known to be magical as they have been gifted by the Gods themselves. Depending on the form that Goddess Parvati embraces the weapons will change. The lion that Goddess Parvati rides is also considered one of her weapons.

Goddess Parvati is also known as Sakthi and the various weapons are known to add to her strength and bravery in confronting demons.

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