Welcome to Parvati's website. Here you can find all the information about goddess parvati - the wife of Lord Shiva.

Goddess Parvati is revered and worshipped for her powers and as the divine consort of Lord Shiva. She is known by different names and each one of these names is a reflection of her powerful forms. When she is depicted along with Lord Shiva she is shown as having two hands with the right hand holding a lotus and the left hand by her side.

When Goddess Parvati is depicted alone she is shown as having four hands. In two of her hands she is shown as holding two lotus (red and blue color) and the other two hands of her exhibiting mudras (Varada and Abhaya). The Abhaya mudra is a hand gesture that depicts fearlessness and Varada depicts beneficence. She is also shown wearing a sacred thread. There is symbolism attached to each one of the weapons that are depicted in the many forms of Goddess Parvati

Although Goddess Parvati is often depicted as having a fair complexion, there are numerous stories that indicate that her skin was dark earlier. Due to her dark skin she was often shunned by Lord Shiva. In order to win the love and admiration of her Lord she did immense penance. The penance made her extremely beautiful and she radiated goodness. This attracted Lord Shiva and he fell in love with her beautiful appearance.

She is mostly considered a loving and beautiful goddess there are other incarnations of her that are wrathful and these include Chandi, Durga, Kali, Tara and Shitala Devi.

  • Goddess Durga – She is depicted in red attire riding the lion with her long hair flying in the wind. She has ten hands and each one of them has a weapon gifted by the Gods to help her fight and defeat the demons. The various weapons gifted to her by the Gods include arrow, bell, bow, conch, discus, rosary, shielf, spear, sword and wine cup. She is also adorned with ornaments and this further enhances her beauty.
  • Goddess Kali – She is the fearsome and ferocious form of Goddess Parvati. She has a garland of fifty human skulls around her neck as a necklace and also has heads as her earnings. She has a dark complexion with a red tongue protruding out of her mouth. Her eyes are red and she has blood on her breasts and hands. The other names used to worship her Adya Ma, Dakshina Kalika, Chamundi, Shyama and Tara Ma.
  • Goddess Chandi – She is depicted as having eighteen arms and each one of them has weapons that were used to kill the asuras. The weapons in her arms included battle axe, bell, cudgel, conch and string of beads, mace, arrow, thunderbolt, lotus, bow, water-pot, lance, sword, shield, wine-cup, trident, noose and the discus.

All these auspicious weapons were gifted to her by the Gods. She was seated on her lion vehicle and was often depicted as having three eyes. There is a lot of significance attached to each one of these eyes as they represent different aspects of her divinity. The right eye represents sun or action, left eye represents desire or moon and the central eye represents knowledge or fire.

Goddess Parvati is often referred to as a provider of Shakti and is a combination of Uma, Ambika and Haimavati. There are several other incarnations of the Goddess and these include Meenakshi, Kamakshi, Lalitha and Akhilindeshwari. Her spell bounding beauty is known to have motivated Lord Shiva towards dance and arts. She is often considered the epitome of beauty and charm. Women and men worship her various beautiful forms to fulfill their desires.

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